Totara 2.7

Totara Features

Totara is a custom distribution of Moodle, the world's most popular learning management platform - for the corporate sector.

Totara is designed to meet the learning management needs of busy enterprises and to deliver the benefits of open source software.

Totara is 100% open source software; robust and scalable with all the features you’d expect in a corporate learning management system.

Totara provides support on a subscription basis with various levels of support available. You can select the support level that best suits your organisation.

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Deliver online learning

deliver_online_learning.gifTotara allows you to build and deliver online learning. You can launch the Captivate, Articulate or Custom SCORM course your organisation already has from Totara.

Totara’s inbuilt tools allow you to build online course and assessments using glossaries, databases and quizzes, as well as text-based course content. There are a number of tools that support social learning including the instant message activity, Chat, wikis and forums.

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Blended Learning Approach

blended_learning_approach.gifTotara supports the delivery of blended learning with the Face-to-face activity and Training Calendar. This allows courses to be built using a blended approach, and learners to access all their learning in one location.

The Totara Face-to-Face activity supports manager approval, allowing face to face events to be set up which require managerial approval for learner session booking.

The Totara Program Management feature allows you to create learning paths by defining a set of courses and their dependences; the order and flow of the course completion. Program Management also includes the ability to set up a recurring course, perfect for compliance training.

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Managing Performance

managing_performance.gifAt a global level Totara allows you to mirror your organisational structure and job positions and use this information for assigning learning plans to learners, and reporting on the completion and achievements of your staff.

Totara supports competency based learning allowing you to set competency structures and assign courses to the competencies as evidence of achievement. Competencies can be assigned to an organisation or job role ensuring that any user in the organisation or job position is aware of their competency requirements.

Totara allows you to manage staff performance across all learning. The learning plan features allow learners to create a learning plan with their manager and see their progress as they complete courses and achieve competencies assigned to their learning plan. When a learner creates a learning plan it can automatically bring in any competencies and courses assigned to the learner’s part of the organisation and job role, helping you manage your staff performance.

Through the manager dashboard managers are able to oversee their staff learning. They have access to staff learning plans, records of learning and face-to-face bookings. Managers are able to easily access information for reporting purposes.

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reporting.gifTotara allows you to manage your reporting requirements, with the inbuilt Report Builder. This is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to build custom reports on users, course progress and competency achievement across your business.

Reports can be built by the system administrator and viewed by users on the ‘My Reports’ tab. Report access can be controlled by system role and where in the organisation the user is.

Reports can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and reporting if required.

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Totara Roles

Totara_Roles.gifThere are six inbuilt user roles; these roles can be customised by a site administrator to suit your requirements and new roles can be created. Roles can be assigned at a system wide level or at specific course level. Totara roles are categorised as follows:

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